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DCSports87 Consignment New Customer Information & FAQ’s

How do I package cards I’m sending in for consignment?

Just package your cards in a box along with a note inside that includes the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Write that the package is for Consignment

***All cards MUST be in sleeves and top loaders (we will return them to you if they come loose) and do not* use Card Savers as these are not strong enough to secure cards when shipping out to our buyers and could result in returns. Please do not use excessive tape as it damages the top loaders and makes unpackaging them a challenge. We recommend using team bags to group and secure your cards.

If you are a first time customer, print out the below form and include it in your package!

We will send an email when we process your package that will provide login credentials to your dashboard where you can monitor the status of your consignments, view sales history, request payouts, and contact us with any questions you may have.

***PLEASE do not use excessive tape on your cards as this adds a significant amount of additional time to prepare them for photos, as well as prevent us from getting clear photos of your cards. The best method for packaging your cards is to use large team bags to hold multiple top loaders, or using graded card boxes for slabbed cards***

How do I get my login information to access my Customer Dashboard?

As long as you provide your name and email with your first package, we’ll use your contact info to email you your login information for your dashboard on the site once your package is received and processed (within one business day of receipt).

If you have sent in cards for consignment already, but have not yet received a user name and password to log in to your personalized Customer Dashboard, please use the Contact Us form on the bottom of our Homepage and we’ll email you your login info back to you so you can login.

Where do I ship my cards?

Mail All USPS Packages To:

DCSports87, PO Box 5097, Glen Allen, VA 23058

Mail All UPS/FedEx and Other Carrier Packages To:

DCSports87, 3957 Westerre Parkway, Suite 330, Henrico, VA 23233

What format is used for listing my items on eBay?

Everything will be listed as 5 day, no reserve auctions starting at 99 cents. In rare cases, to avoid items ending on Holidays, Card Shows, or for our special auction events, 7 or 10-Day auction formats may be used.

All of our auctions are scheduled to upload to eBay with a start time between 8:30pm and 11:30pm ET.

We do list items as Buy It Now (BIN) with the following requirements:

  • Card must be sent to us with your BIN price and lowest price you’re willing to accept. Due to our volume, we do not negotiate offers on individual cards with buyers so all accept/decline settings are automatic.
  • Card value must be $5000 and up.

How soon are cards listed on eBay once received?

Packages over 20 cards are processed in the order we receive your package. **The top of every page on our site has the current wait times**

Packages of 20 or less cards are processed with our expedited service and are listed within 2-3 business days (20 cards* total, if you send more cards, even condensed into lots, those are processed as a standard submission. (***PLEASE NOTE ONLY CARDS OF AN ESTIMATED VALUE OF $25 AND UP ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS EXPEDITED SERVICE***)

Only one package per day, per customer, is eligible for the expedited 2-day service on 20 card or less packages. If multiple packages of 20 cards are shipped to us from the same customer, on the same day, we will process the first within 2-3 days and treat additional packages as standard submissions. This is necessary in order to allow us to continue to offer this expedited service and meet the short turn times for all customers.

An estimated upload date will be posted to your Dashboard next to every package we receive from you, as well as the actual upload date once we have completed processing and uploading your items.

How often is my Dashboard updated with my new Balances, Cards and Packages?

Every day (weekends included) we run sales reports from eBay to update our system and your balances, item status and sales prices. This update runs between 5pm and 9pm ET. This process updates the following items on your dashboard (please note during the import process balances may be temporarily unavailable or show as zero, but will update quickly):

  • Available Balance and Awaiting Payment Balances from items that have sold.
  • New packages we have received, along with their estimated upload date, will be added from the prior day’s mail.
  • Your detailed reports of items listed, paid and awaiting payment.
  • Status updates on packages that were uploaded the night before, including links to view your items.

How much of the final sale price will I receive?

Final Sale PricePayout
$1 – $9.9980% of Sale Price minus 75¢ per listing
$10 – $24.9980% of Sale Price minus 50¢ per listing
$25-$999.9985% of Sale Price minus 50¢ per listing
$1,000-$5,00090% of Sale Price
>$500097% of Sale Price minus $300 per listing

What are the available payout options once my cards have sold?

The below table shows the payout options we have available to you, just click “Request Payout” on your Dashboard to get paid!

Payout MethodFeeEligible Amounts
PayPal (Goods and Services)3% Fee by PayPalAny
Check by Mail (Standard UPS)$10Any
Check by Mail (Overnight UPS)$20Any
Bank WireNone $10,000 and up
ACH (Direct Deposit) None Any

If we do not have your information for ACH or Bank Wire payouts, please text us or call and leave a voicemail at (804)885-5001 with your First and Last Name, Routing Number and Account Number. We will add you to our Payout system and reply back with a text to confirm.

What kind of cards can I send in?

All cards must be “hits.” This means Autographs or Relics.  If it is not a “hit” then it must be a card that will sell by itself (for example graded cards, top rookies that sell well, low #’d parallels, etc). Also note that in order to be included as a rush service card in a package of 20 cards or less, the card must have an estimated value of $25 and up.

Does everything that gets sent in get listed on eBay?

No. To be eligible for listing cards must be sent in a sleeve and top loader and have an estimated value of $5 and up. The below are also not items we list and will be returned if sent in:

  1. Raw Vintage (Pre-1980)
  2. In-Person autographs that are not accompanied by a COA from a reputable company (JSA,PSA,BGS, etc)
  3. Custom cards
  4. Cards of questionable authenticity or that appear altered

Do you list memorabilia or other larger items?

No, we do not list photos, memorabilia, Funko pops, or other non-card items.

Do you list sealed wax?

Yes, we list sealed wax packs and boxes. Wax will be listed at actual shipping charges (standard is $13.95 per item), and we do not have combined shipping offered to our buyers on wax, so please take that into account when submitting these items. If you would prefer to have us lot wax items you send in, be sure to note that in your package.

**Wax items must have an estimated value of $50 and up per listing, low end wax is not accepted**

Do you list cards as lots?

We will only list lots if it is a top rookie or superstar player that sells well. If you want something listed as a lot then note it for us, however, we will use our discretion on whether they should be listed individually or not.

What happens to cards I send in that go unsold, unpaid or returned?

What happens if a card does not get a bid on eBay?

If we list something and it does not get a single bid, we do not send it back to you or relist it.

Do cards that sell and not get paid for get relisted?

Yes, anything that doesn’t get paid for will automatically relist 12 days after the item ended.

What happens if a card that was sold for me is returned?

Returns are handled by our team, which is one of the benefits of having us consign for you. If a return is <$500, we assume the cost of the return and will relist the card to recover the value.

For Returns of orders over $500, or cards found to be altered/not authentic, we will deduct the net amount that you received from the sale, and then give you the option of relisting the item or having us ship back to you and settling up any remaining negative balance.

Can I use my available balance to pay for items I win from dcSports87 on eBay?

Unfortunately, no. All items must be paid for through eBay. This is both due to our use of eBay’s payment processing, and our need to adhere to our processes for payment, shipping and tracking on eBay that allows us to manage the high volume of sales we do.

How do I have my hits from a group break I joined consigned or graded?

Contact the breaker on Facebook and let them know you’d like your cards sent for consignment, they’ll be sent directly to us Priority Mail and we expedite the listing of all break cards!

If you’d like break cards graded, you can get details on available services and pricing from the Sappy’s Sports Cards team, who handle all grading services for the group.


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